Challenge as a small and medium-sized company

Here Is JeongSu Filtration That 

Starts Sailing To Become 

World ClassCompany.

JeongSu Filtration has been continuously growing and developing since its founding as a specialized filter factory for thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.

In the meantime, we aim to become a leading company in the

 gas filter and liquid filter industries through 

core competency technology and  customer satisfaction.

JeongSu Filtration continues to achieve our mid- and long-term management goals, 'Strengthen Competitiveness with

 Change and Innovation.'

In addition, we will reinforce our domestic and overseas sales 

activities with our patented air filter products for gas turbines, 

diversify our customers by expanding overseas customers and 

potential markets, and strive to grow into a small and 

medium-sized company by solidly 

practicing our internal management system.

Thank you for your generous encouragement and advice.

Thank you.

JeongSu Filtration all employees.

'Strengthen Competitiveness with Change and Innovation.' 

Here Is Water Purification That Starts Sailing To Become A World-Class Company.