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Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter
Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter
Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter
Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter

Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter 

(The efficiency of particles removal over 99.98%)


· Jeong Su Filtration Co., Ltd. “Absolute Rating Depth Cartridge Filter” applies the different thickness fiber on each separate filtering rate with our own         

   proper and independent “Melt-Blown” design technique of the three dimensional depth filtration method in order to have filtering efficiently by the  

   three dimensional deep bed process under the heat-combination on the very high density polypropylene fiber. 

· And it is made by thermal bond sequentially and firmly without any glue on the media fiber each layer and also made as the space frame construction. 

· So the bubbles does not come out at all in the beginning of filtering operation and the media opening can not be changed and no media drop out 

   because of no use surfactant, glue, binder in the processing of filter manufacturing. 

· We are hereby recommending our depth cartridge filter to you which has a very wide collection space and very high and excellent collection efficiency 

   along with very long lasting life.

Application and Merit 

· The chemical resistance is very excellent due to 100% polypropylene materials. 

· There is no the secondary pollutant because we does not use any surfactant, glue, binder, fluorescent material in order to improve the productivity. 

· You can have the very high collection efficiency(more than 99.98%) due to sequential multi floor construction of high density as the following each 

   performance. - outside collecting layer has the pre-filtering working. 

    - medium collecting layer has the filtering working along with collecting all dust. 

    - final collecting layer has the precision filtration working and maximizing the air flow rate. It has very long and lasting operating life more than 


Depth Micro Filter construction 

Outside collecting layer 

Medium collecting layer 

Final collecting layer 

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